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Hard Floor Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing

I Mop Clean can strip old sealers and coatings off your floors, we can clean the stone with a variety of different methods including mechanical cleaning and agitation with some of the industries leading technology and machinery. We use oscillating technology which beats the conventional rotary cleaning systems often seen used in the stone industry.

How does oscillating technology differ? It rotates and creates and up and down motion at the same time to really clean deep into the grooves and indentations of the stone, allowing our pads and brushes to clean further than most machinery  out in the market.

We can also polish stone to your required level of shine using diamond impregnated polishing pads or for an ultimate finish we can use resin pads for a superior shine.

We have invested in the future of stone cleaning & restoration to offer an unparalleled finish and customer satisfaction.

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Why use I Mop Clean for Stone, Tile & Vinyl Cleaning & Restoration

  • Stone Floor cleaning & restoration work

  • Professional service with skilled and trained staff

  • All stones covered

  • Full insurances in place

  • Vinyls & luxury vinyls cleaned and restored

  • Operatives go through a comprehensive training programme

  • Lippage removal service for modern flat stone finish

  • Polishing service available for polished stones and porcelain

  • Excellent understanding of grinding, cleaning, polishing and sealing

  • Utilise state of the art equipment and machines

  • Impregnator sealers used for optimal sealing of stone

  • Many written references available, verbal available on request

  • Fixed price for the job – you know where you stand

  • Wax dressings available in satin and matt finishes

  • Colour enhancers available for some stone if you prefer a wet look

  • Commercial and domestic work undertaken - no job too small or large

Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain and Vinyl work – What’s involved?

Stone Work

  • Prepare room, masking up kitchen units, skirts and furnishings

  • Strip any old surface sealers and coatings

  • Clean stone and grout lines

  • Rinse extract slurry with extraction machines

  • Polish stone to required finish

  • Seal stone with specialist commercial grade sealers

  • Apply wax dressings in either satin or matt finishes

  • Buff off sealers and allow to dry

Vinyl work

  • Strip old dressings from vinyl

  • Clean the vinyl with mechanical agitation

  • Rinse extract the dirt off the vinyl

  • Dry off the vinyl floor

  • Apply dressing in either matt or satin finish

  • Buff off dressings and allow to dry and cure

Trained and Certified

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